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Welcome to the Sneaky Universe​

Why Fundraise with Sneaky Universe

It is a sugar-free, fun and educational fundraising idea. It will help encourage reading for pleasure, thinking and communication skills as well as giving your students a selection of other activities including craft, colouring and movement.

It's as easy as

1. Receive your complimentary fundraising kit.

2. Hold your own Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring theme day to launch your fundraiser.

3. Earn 15% commission on the sale of the products purchased by your community.

How does it work?

Our program is designed to be a simple and fun solution to the normally painful process of fundraising. Once you register your interest (click here),  we will contact you and help you make your fundraiser a success.  We will provide you with everything you need to hold a Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring theme day to launch your fundraising campaign,   then you host your Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring theme day to kick start your fundraiser and  let your community know that any purchases they make within you campaign timeframe will contribute funds to your fundraiser.  That is it, we will do the rest! After your sale period closes, we fulfill all the orders, deliver the clearly labelled individual parcels to you for pick up  and the we deposit your commission directly into your nominated organisation account.

 What’s in the Fundraiser Starter Kit? 

Copies of Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring and Sneaky Goes Outside

A Sneaky Puss Plush toy

The  Interactive Reading  and Activity Guide for both books

The Make a Sneaky Puss Mask template

The Make your own Sneaky Puss Cat Ears template 

The Exploring like Sneaky Puss Treasure Hunt Activity 

Free Access to a range of colouring sheets 

20 Sneaky Puss Balloons (if you need more, let us know)

 How much can we expect to raise?

Check out the table below for a sample of the items available at the Sneaky Universe store. You will receive a 15% commission from each item purchased. There are many other items available at a range of price points. There is bound to be something for everyone. 


Sale Price

Your Commission

Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring



Sneaky Puss Plush



Sneaky Universe T-shirt



Sneaky Universe Pencil Case



Sneaky Universe Postcard



Sneaky Puss Postcard and 4 stickers



Sneaky Puss Value Pack 1 (Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring & Plush)



Sneaky Puss Value Pack 2

(Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring, Plush & T-shirt)



Sneaky Puss Value Pack 3

(Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring, Plush, T-shirt and pencil case)



Large Sticker Bulk Pack (24 Stickers)



Sneaky Puss Balloons (25)



Frequently Asked Questions 

How do we sign up to start a fundraiser?

Click here  and enter the contact details for your organisation. Once submitted we will contact you and arrange for your complementary fundraising kit to be delivered to you and discuss how we can help you make your fundraiser a success.

What do we earn ?

You will earn a 15% commission on the sale of any products featured in your custom fundraising store.

How long does the fundraiser last?

As long as you like, though usually 1-2 weeks from your launch will give you enough time to make sales and get you your commission in a timely manner. Once your orders and money are in, you can expect a delivery of the products (all individually packed for each sale) and your 15% commission within 10 business days.

How do we receive our commission?

Your commission will be paid directly into an approved account for your organisation within 10 business days after all your orders and payments are  received.

What marketing materials do you provide?

We provide a range of digital files including posters and images which you can use on your website, social media accounts and newsletters to help you promote your fundraiser.

What is the catch?

To provide you with the complementary pack, we have an expectation that there will be a minimum spend of $100 by your community. That is it. If by some chance your community does not manage to collectively spend the minimum of $100, we ask that you pay for the educator pack - (a total cost of $90). You will still receive the 15% commission of total purchases in your community.