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Welcome to Sneaky Universe​


Welcome to Sneaky Universe, the home of Sneaky Puss and the Different is OK Krittas - how many can you find on the website? 

You can find Sneaky Puss and Different is OK merchandise here to meet all your needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, send us a merchandise suggestion and we will do everything we can to make it happen for you (just use our contact form).

Be sure to check out the free Sneaky Puss Printables for some colouring sheets and don't forget to add them to our Facebook Gallery.  

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Sneaky Universe News

Breaking News!!!!  Sneaky Press, the publishing arm of Sneaky Universe has just released our first book for little people who can read on their own. The Book of Random Brain Facts is filled with lots of weird and wonderful facts about the brain in an small easy to read chunks. Get your copy in the Sneaky Universe store now and add a a fact or two to your brain.

Sneaky Universe is very proud to announce the launch of the "Fundraising with Sneaky Universe" program. This program is designed specifically for Early Learning Centres, Pre-schools and Kindergartens (and other charitable organisations) and allows them to earn a 20% commission on sales made in their community. Sneaky Universe takes care of all the details to help each  organisation hold a successful fundraising campaign.  It is simple, launch your fundraiser with a "Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring theme day - we provide you with a  COMPLIMENTARY FUNDRAISER STARTER PACK filled with all sorts of goodies including a range of activities, give your community a direct link to your very own custom Sneaky Puss Fundraiser Store and then just relax as we do the rest. For more information, check out the Fundraising with Sneaky Puss tab in the menu above or click here

We would love to help you raise funds for your community.

Have you seen the Free Sneaky Puss Printables - visit the Free Printables page to download and print pictures of Sneaky Puss getting up to all sorts of mischief and colour them in. You will also find a series of customisable pictures of a kitchen, bedroom, lounge room and more for those who want to write their own story. We would love to see your artwork and stories!

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